Protesters advance leaving scorched earth in their wake on the bloodiest day of the Euromaidan Protests, Kiev.

A church, damaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Palo, Philippines.

The Clutha helicopter crash, Glasgow

People in a suburb of Juba on the day South Sudan gained its Independence.

An artist paints the scene from the top on the first barricade on a bitterly cold day at the Euromaidan protests.

A boy visits the grave of his parents every day following their death when Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.

A member of the Orthodox Christian group known as the Mamas, crying at the barricades during the Euromaidan protests, Kiev

The area of Tondo Dumpsite known as 'GK'. Gang culutre is particularly prevalent here

The area of Tondo Dumpsite known as 'GK'. Gang culutre is particularly prevalent here.

'We bring with us fire, magic and a manchester united away strip'

Damage in a neighbourhood of Tacloban following Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines.

Bor Dinka boy transports cow dung across their cattle camp. South Sudan.

The Zaha Hadid designed Museum of Transport, Glasgow with the tall ship, the Glenlee, moored alongside.

The flooding after typhoon Haiyan destroyed many cars. Bikes became the best way to get about.

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This image seems to capture the beauty of the place while also alluding to the scale of disaster that struck here.

A boy scavenges in a river for building materials while decomposing bodies are still being dug up only meters away following Typhoon Haiyan.

It is an unenviable job. Rivers are relied on to carry rubbish a sewage away, and dead bodies are still being found near the river.

Rebuilding Tacloban plank at a time following Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines.

Protester hides behind shield at the first barricade. Moments later someone behind him was shot.

The Mackintosh Building at the Glasgow School of Art goes on fire

Bor DInka cattle camp

Graffiti, Tahir Square, Egypt.