Aswan Heart Centre

In April 2012 myself and Lorriane Ishak traveled to Egypt to film and photograph the work being done at the Aswan Heart Centre.  The centre was founded by Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub and with the help of a very determined medical team they have been providing a cardiac medical service in a very deprived corner of the world.  Our work culminated with an exhibition at the Egyptian Embassy in London where we raised over £20,000 for the charity Chain of Hope, which supports centres like Aswan.   It was a privilege to be welcomed by the team, and to get the chance to portray the valuable work being done there >>

Aswan Heart Centre from Misha somerville on Vimeo.

Cairo London Aswan – 3 screens

This is small video piece for Chain of Hope – it’s a three screens piece designed to connect the work the charity does in supporting the Aswan Heart Center from it’s offices in Cairo and London.  I first saw the three screens idea used by the late Tim Hetherington on his work in Afghanistan – an audio visual piece to run alongside the book ‘Infidel’, film ‘Restrepo’ and photographs for Vanity Fair [one of which won the World Press Photo].  As an idea it offers so much scope for exploring ideas and themes – I hope to get more time to try more of these in the future…

three screens from Misha somerville on Vimeo.


Audio Visual Project from Scottish Mountain Culture

With the arrival of Winter here is a short film I made earlier this year.

In 2010 photographer Jennifer Wilcox started documenting Glencoe Ski Centre in the Scottish Highlands. Using sounds recorded on the Hill and around the ski centre Barry Reid then added a compelling soundtrack to the images. This is a short film documenting the results from a fascinating project within Scottish mountain culture, one with it’s roots right back at the beginning of the British ski industry.

Featuring the talents of Jennifer Wilcox, Barry Reid, Feargus Hetherington, John Somerville, Adam Sutherland and Sean Purser.

Meall a’ Bhuiridh (Hill of the bellowing) from Misha somerville on Vimeo.