80 Pictures from Euromaidan in Kiev, Ukraine


This gallery contains 80 photos.

As the conflict turns a corner entering a new and dangerous phase, here are 80 pictures I took during two visits to Kiev in late January and mid February.  

What Ukraine Avoided

On the worst day at Euromaidan, a handful of guns started appearing among protesters at the frontline.  Someone had told me that protesters had stockpiled over three thousand firearms (unverified).  In many ways, given that men with clubs and stones were running into sniper fire from government forces it was not surprising, but then on another level this could very easily have spiraled out of control.   There are other recent examples where non-violent resistance became gradually more and more violent – each side dealing lower and lower blows – until eventually it was all out civil war.  I am so incredibly glad that has been avoided in the Ukraine so far, and while many voices rightfully express concern about finding a consensus moving forward, I think it’s OK to pause for just one moment and be grateful for what Ukraine avoided.

Protester with gun at the front barricade as violence escalates in Kiev

Calm After the Storm